About IFOD

IFOD is a SPECTRUM compliant database system developed at Internal Fire to manage the objects in the museum.

As well as the web interface allowing users to view museum objects it manages the indexing of scanned material carried out remotely by volunteers.

The ongoing digitising project is expected to reach 3 million pages of material by 2020 and will be assisted by the new Archive Room. The Archive is growing so fast that the "new" building is now being extended to more than double the capacity.

The museum has the capability to scan drawings up to A0 as well as high speed scanners for paper and photographs plus specialist scanning equipment for aperture cards and microfilm.

The Database

The Mysql database on the main webserver is replicated to a standby server and to a backup server at the museum. Backups to tape using a robotic library are taken daily.

MySQL Version5.7.28
Number of Objects547664
Database Size 645.42Gb
Scanned Data Online2.46Tb