Andrea PrinceAndrea is usually to be found in the shop. A regular volunteer during the summer she has been a great help in the new shop.
Andy SelfeAndy spent a lot of time in the early days of the website helping us sort out the manuals. He photocopied dozens of manuals in South Africa and posted them over.

We still have a huge amount of fuel injection info which needs to be scanned and will be a valuable resource for the commercial vehicle and tractor guys.

Arthur GriffinArthur is Trustee number 4 from North Wales and is another regular at the Crankups.
Gary MillwardGary and his brother Steve have come to the rescue sveral times in rescuing and transporting engines as well as helping on site, we hope they continue to enjoy themselves.
John Edwards"Shorty" the electrician has been busy re-wiring the place and and has just wired and lit the whole of the courtyard for us. Eventually we will get around to rebuilding his 5VRB Ruston for him!
Keith FarleyKeith has been involved since the very early days and without him we would not have got this far. Working 7 days a week to help get us open he is responsible for a lot of what the museum is now. Keith is Trustee number 2.
Len GillingsLen is another visitor who turns volunteer at the Crankups, along with the rest of the gang is happy to help sort anything from cleaning to a Hornsby that hasn't run for 20 years.
Martin PermanMartin is another transporter and helper at open days, travelling a long distance
Mike PrinceMike has been running the radio room for the last year and is usually to be found nattering to somebody miles away on Crankup days. We are in trouble with him at the moment because we have moved his radio room into temporary storage - hopefully we can find a wooden building more suitable for the job shortly.
Miles IrvingMiles was a local retired engineer and proved worth his weight in gold. With little time in the summer months we can get behind with maintenance and Miles was always there to help. Much of the work on the Worthington Simpson crank is down to Miles, it would still not be running but for his work in 2006. The Gardner 5LW in the Radio Room building was rebuilt by him in 2004.

Miles passed away in November 2008 and is greatly missed by all here.

Roland CravenRoland has supported the museum since the beginning in 2003, currently the bearing king.