67638 Petter 3HP Appletop comes back to life!

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by David Lacey, Mar 9, 2020.

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    I bought 67638 Petter 3HP Appletop a while ago but was very disappointed to find one of the flywheels had a distinct ‘wobble’ to it, which people who know me, know it is one of my pet hates.

    I just pushed the engine to the back of my storage area and forgot about it - until I caught sight of it one day and asked Roland if he knew of a pair of flywheels - which he did - and confirmed my thought that the flywheel boss had been cracked at some point due to over-zealous hammering home of the gib key and the weld repair was obvious, thus almost confirming the flywheel to be out of true rather than a bent crankshaft.

    Well today is a good day! I extracted the key and removed the flywheel, put the new one on and it runs perfectly true.....which has reignited my love for this engine. Run it for an hour or so today after some 20 years of slumber, she runs well and sounds great with no knocks or rattles. Also has the original glass calibrator oiler glass in good order.

    Another one saved!

    Interesting items to note are the factory air filter which I’ve never seen before and the extended crankshaft, all detailed on the packing sheet. I’ll add some more photos when I have more time and space.

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    Glad the flywheels did the job and you spared them the trip to China :) The air filters were quite widely fitted. To those engines sent to cement mixer makers and those destined for a dusty environment.
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