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    Spare a thought for Hazel and Paul - this was the sight that greeted them on Monday morning, after the high winds of Sunday night (8th December). Astonishingly, the falling trees missed their house, only bringing down the telephone line, although the driveway is badly damaged. Access to the museum is unaffected, and BT were able to effect a temporary repair to the line on Monday afternoon.

    IMG_20191209_153608663_HDR.jpg IMG_20191209_153535727_HDR.jpg
  2. robtheplumb

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    Oh crap! That looks a mess!
  3. Philipagri

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    Glad they missed the house, there will be plenty of firewood but the roots will be more difficult to get rid of. The drive looks a mess, hope there was no other damage.
    We had a row of corrugated sheets blown off the roof of our tractor and engine shed in the same gale. We spent Monday morning covering everything in tarpaulins before the rain came back again.
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    Recently after years of discussion between house management and me over the removal of seven pine trees in our garden my wife finally relented and the seven were taken down, two of the tree were nearly 60' high and from house to tree's was 40', but I couldnt convince her that one tree could wreck the house. I think she said yes to shut me up, It wasnt cheap, £1600, but cheaper than house repairs in the future, I have the stumps left and one will be a slide for our new Grandson.
    I sleep better at night not listening to the wind.
    Martin P
  5. lambe

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    Amazing, they snapped off so cleanly! we have to cut ours with a chainsaw to get ours down.
  6. JohnM

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    No comment.
    I too took preventative pruning. 37 Leylandii, all 60ft tall have been reduced to 10ft. Not an easy job as they're along a busy road a d close to the house. Got a pro in. Tree guy did the climbing. I did all the ground level work. LOTS of hard work sorting, cutting and chipping. Took us nearly a month. Got enough firewood now. Local farmer took the chippings. They filled an 18T muck trailer.
    I take the view that all trees eventually fall over. Once they grow tall enough to cause damage, they go.

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