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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Dazzla, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Dazzla

    Dazzla Member

    Did anyone go to Pugh's sale at Ledbury today?

    There were some real bargains. Complete Amancos up to 4hp selling for under £500, AP's for the same money. A 4hp Bamford on original trolley only made £400. The air cooled one hit a dizzy £1900 though.

    I suspect we'll see some of them stripped out and being sold for spares on eBay soon.

  2. Stuff is hitting ebay already.
  3. Philipagri

    Philipagri Member

    The place was packed out with Amancos selling from £300 to £1250. There were four 4hp ones and, following the inspiration from your open day, one of them followed me home, it was the only one with a nameplate and completely unrestored although someone has put the wrong LT mag on it and the drivegear is too small.
    Another one had the ignitor missing which I found in one of the many boxes of parts sold at the start but didn't get that one, or the ignitor.
    Top price was the National open crank for £2900, Ingeco's were also very popular making up to £1500 and a very rare Warwick eagle for £1000. The real bargains I thought were the closed crank Bradfords, Amancos, Bamfords Rustons, and Listers most going for £50 to £200 and seemed to be being snapped up in quantity by dealers.
    A very interesting and enjoyable day with over 130 engines on sale.
  4. Dazzla

    Dazzla Member

    At those prices it would have been daft not to!

    Despite already having three I suspect I'd have had to buy another. The 4hp is one of the best looking and nicest proportioned Amancos in my opinion.

  5. Patrick

    Patrick Member

    I have only seen the pictures posted on the H J Pugh website, but while the prices realised looked to be bargains they reflected the condition of what was being sold. A £100 engine might seem cheap, but when it is missing its magneto, carburettor or oiler it becomes a different matter.


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