fibre disk engine drive/coupling system.

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    on many pre-1970 gensets and water pumps, the output driveshaft is coupled to the driven plant by a round composite flex disk made, i think, of laminations of rubber and course cotton cloth with steel ferrules where the through bolts go to connect engine to plant.

    i have a few very sorry examples of this coupling to replace. Whilst I do have NOS spares, i have not seen ANY more for sale for years.

    when they fail, they completely fall apart and deform and then start running out of true and balance as bits of rubber and cotton shed off and the many laminations separate.

    has anybody found a modern suitable replacement that is a direct fit ???

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    Probably not a direct replacement, but how about the "rotoflex" couplings used, inter alia, by Hillman Imps and the IRS Triumph models? These seem to be available freely, including on flea-bay.
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    very helpfull link Eric thank you JR

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