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    Just put some scans of glass slides up in the gallery section of the website, images of Hartop engines and saw benches.

    Our old slide scanner was very slow and the resolution was not brilliant so these have been waiting until the new Archive was done.

    Now using a Nikon 800E with a 60mm macro lens, quality is excellent and quick to use. Using the same setup to do a large pile of early James Watt drawings that are too fragile to put through the big HP scanner.

    Hartop Gallery is at https://www.internalfire.com/newgal under Manufacturers/Hartop

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  2. Skankin_giant

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    Great images, can't say I've seen a Hartop with a deep cylinder head like the one pictured a few times. ?
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  3. campingstoveman

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    Some nice photographs there particularly the 0-6-0 tank engine, did Hartop make them.

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  4. Numpty1

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    Just for your information, these are factory pictures, I guess taken by Thomas A Hartop. I wouldn't mind betting the arms seen holding the sheet up behind belong to works foreman Peter Usher. The slides were given to Charles Hudson by TAH during his research for Hartops in the 70's/80's. Passed on to DWE and now thankfully held in the IF Archive. Some of these images will be familiar to those who have subscribed to SEm for sometime as they were used in Charles' 1986 History of Hartops, spanning two issues. Nice to see all of them now! Thank you Paul for spending the time in digitising these.
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  5. campingstoveman

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    I've lived in the Bedford area for 32 years and have often wondered where the factory was and having looked at one of the pictures I now have an address and guess what, I've been delivering medication to a house in St Leonard's Avenue Bedford for the last three years and never knew, I wonder if the factory was what is now the Stagecoach Bus Depot, which I know some of it has been there for 100 years as last year I took my very young, 6 months old, Grandson to the Depot because Stagecoach celebrated the fact that Bedford bus Depot has been in constant operation for one hundred years and the public got to visit the site with all sorts of exhibits. Next time I'm there I will take some pictures.
    I just found out that they moved to Miller road, another one of drops roads.

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  6. Numpty1

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    St Leonards Ave is in a u shape. 28 is on one corner. There is a workshop attached to it (painted blue on latest earth map.) That is the 'Old Mans' House and where they started making engines. Frank jnr lived around the corner still in St.L.Ave. Miller Road, (where most of those scans come from) is now split up, part is the Tanning Studio. The frontage dates from post Hartop era, added by Gents Mineral Waters. Originally there was a pull in where Hartops would service lorries for various traders, mostly Fred Ray. If you look down the side though, you can still see part of the old works as rebuilt during the war (paid for by the war office!). The original building as built by Fred Ray (builder, who sold them the land too) was little more than a corrugated iron shed!

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