Lake Goldsmith rally

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    I have been meaning to get to this event for several years and just happened to be in the right hemisphere at the right time. Here are some random pics: 1010385[1].jpg

    1010400[1].jpg 1010399[1].jpg 1010376[1].jpg
    The first pic. is a Ronaldson a Tippett hot bulb, there were lots of these engines on display. In the background there is a display of kitchenalia etc, this is quite typical. The displays in the various sheds ranged from working full sized steam plants to a collection of dozens of cream separators and buttermakers with regular demonstrations.
    The radial is an Ingersoll Rand and has three engine cylinders and three air compressor cylinders. I was told that it came from the railway so wold guess that it was for air starting diesel locos.
    The small trolley mounted engine and the roller are both Jelbarts, both are very interesting single cylinder, spark ignition, piston ported, crankcase compression, two stroke engines with a cam and pushrod operated poppet valve in the crankcase for the air intake. They were in production from c.1902 for about 30 years.
    The final pic. Is a 1920s Caterpillar but what fascinated me was the starting method: it is a petrol engine and is primed via cups on the manifold then a bar put into one of the holes in the flywheel, it is pulled over compression and it fires and starts!
    Here is a link to the rally website:
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    excellent pictures, I particularly like the Road Roller,

    Martin P
  3. If you are still in the area a trip round Melbourne Steam Club's Museum is worth the trip, static steam, IC engines, & a
    whole load more. I went there last year and then spent 2 days at Lake Goldsmith.

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