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Discussion in 'Parts/Engines Wanted' started by Benjamin, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Benjamin

    Benjamin New Member

    I wonder if anyone knows where I can get a rectifier for a 1966 LD1 generator set I'm repairing, the part no is Lister 64-10525 & its the big finned one in the control panel.
    It does'nt have to be original, a modern equivalent would be ok. Mine is open circuit & has no identifying marks or numbers.
  2. boat_man

    boat_man Member

    Do you have the a wiring diagram to identify what the rectifier is doing,lots of modern equivalent options available from RS once the duty is identified.
    Regards Jim
  3. Benjamin

    Benjamin New Member

    I'm fairly sure a modern silicon recifier with 4 terminals will do the job but don't know how to wire it! There's only 2 wires - 1 in from the ac generator & 1 out to control the main contactor.
    I know how to do this with 2 or 3 wires from the ac but not 1! The 4 terminal silicon rectifier is full wave & I need 1/2 wave.
  4. Mister_D_Lister

    Mister_D_Lister New Member

    Would this not just be a big diode then?

  5. boat_man

    boat_man Member

    From your description the diode is to provide 1/2 wave DC to the contactor coil,as you have identified you need a basic diode.If you have access to a Maplins store a diode order code N87CA should do the job & from my out of date catalogue will cost about 30p ! they do mail order.As it is DC the coil may require the correct polarity,if it doesnt pull in just reverse the diode.
    Regards Jim
  6. Benjamin

    Benjamin New Member

    The Maplin code is for rectifier diode 1N5404 & it worked fine after some other small adjustments.
    Many Thanks for the help!

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