old honda side valve generator. 1972 but as new !!!

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    i have just acquired this rather lovely old honda genset. it has the bomb proof G65 engine and the delight of no spares seemingly available anywhere in the known world !! This is Hondas original utility small engine and dates from around 1955 i think.

    its beautifully and meticulously made and no plastic other than the dipstick amd some insulation.

    The alternator is amongst the most solid and diligently assembled i have ever seen.

    best of all, it has done about 2 hours work from new and has been dry stored in its original bag and box in a dry warm building.

    what a find !!!

    i guess its my own personal version of a a brand new and still crated lister cs which some lucky so and so managed to buy in the USA last year as per my previous posting.

    this honda has very simple electrics and can be serviced and kept going down to component level. large metal capacitors and wire wound resister columns. indicator light bulb with a real wire element !!! even the steel frame is lavishly chrome plated. simple but very solid engineering at its best.....even the carb is work of engineering art finished in a light silver paint. inside it everything is made from either pressed steel or brass. no plastic at all....reminds me of some of the old british made carbs used on our lovely old motorbikes.

    none of this modern half crank rubbish....the crankshaft is obscenely over done for its job of work and is more what i would epxect to find on bigger engines. whatever its made from, its not iron...it looks like bronze or a weird alloy. the big end crankpin has a very nice chunky needle roller and the crank itself runs in 2 mightly roller bearings. the valve seats are hardened steel inserts and the cylinder is a meaty cast iron liner moulded into the all aluminium block. no nylon gears or other rubbish.

    it weighs an absurd 72KG and.....drum role please......wait for it........produces a huge 2000 watts of power and will reliably make a luke warm cup of tea any day of the week...i dont care, i still love it !! its an interesting opportunity to comment on the shrinking size and weight of gensets over time. I have a 1952 lister cs SOM that produces 2500watts and weights 650 kg !! theres then this honda 20 years later ...same output range but half a ton lighter and i also own a huyundai chinese made briefcase lightweight generator that produces 2.2kw and weights 26kg. what an evolution over time.

    apparently, this thing originally cost around £700 and there was a long delay in the honda dealer being able to order one.....must be a honda then !!

    i dont think anybody worldwide ever made better small petrol generators than honda.

    i dont like the current or even recent hondas. plastic, unreliable etc etc. The Honda small lightweight EU10 generator is a real lemon and too clever by half.

    anybody else have an interest in old side valve petrol small generators from the JAPS ????

    some photos....

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