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Discussion in 'Archive Related' started by petternut, Dec 1, 2014.

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    As of today access to all archive material and manuals is only via the new front end which is the heading "Archive/Technical Data" in the centre near the top of the home page. That will take you to a page with five categories and above that to the left are 7 boxes which I think are self explanatory.
    It is all new and different so if you find a bug please report it to me ( )as Paul remains very busy.
    I'm also pleased to help with searches but not hunting through un-indexed images. Note I do not promise an instant service as I too have a life and holidays :) I'm sorry to have to say this but I volunter to do this for fun so terse and brusque emails get a terse or brusque response and rude emails no response at all.

    If in doubt read the help.

    Please if you find an engine on the archive either let me have the details or ask for indexing rights yourself. This will help to build up a skeleton index in advance of full indexing.
    No details of the finder or owner will be recorded and I never disclose such information to anyone.

    The archive is far from just Petter. There are near one hundred makers listed covering all manner of engines and related material. In total there are more than half a million digitised images. Of these 100,000 and rising have been indexed by a smalll band of dedicated volunteers. Indexing adds key data to the image and allows it to be searched. Apart from Petter there are major sections on; Fowler (drawings), Coborn (drawings), Atlantic (drawings and records), Fielding (drawings), CAV (many and various), and Lister (drawings).

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