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    Sadly I have to announce the passing of Stan Mills, a very long term member of the Beds & Bucks Stationary Engine Club, he was always pleased to see you and always had stories regarding our hobby and if you were looking for parts he always new somebody who could help if he couldn't.
    You either knew Stan or you didnt but you will never forget him.

    Martin P
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    Sorry to hear that Stan has passed away. Marion and I knew him when we used to live in Reading and rallied at many of the Beds & Bucks shows. A great character with many wonderous stories, and not just about engines! At one of the High Wycombe shows he presented us with an old heavy canvas 2-man tent with wooden poles, as he had noticed that we slept in the Mini van overnight, that made rallying much easier in subsequent years. As you say, Stan was unforgettable. RIP.
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    I totally agree with air-cooled words, Stan was one of the first engine men that I, as a novice in the stationary engine world, encountered and found his manner of welcoming and encouraging new comers to the hobby is something that I will never be forgotten. My condolences to his family
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    Stan Mills funeral will be on the 13th December, 13:00 at Amersham Crematorium.

    Martin P

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