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    guess what the one product is that the chinese NEVER appear to have copied ??

    answer: the lister CS !!

    it seems impossibe given that the little darlings have copied absolutely everything else that the western world has ever made, but, for some reason they have left old lister and petter engines alone.

    i have looked at several online chinese manufacturing databases and there is nothing at all. in fact, in over 60 years of messing around with these old engines, i dont ever recall finding anything made in china at all for these engines.

    maybe they realised that the indians had done the older listers and petters to death in terms of clones and pattern parts and decided it was not worth bothering with ??

    at least india can claim some legitimate origin to its cloning in that they had many joint ventures before partition with British manufacturers including lister etc and the relationship with the UK falling apart commercially but with lots of our engines in the indian empire already, the basis for reverse engineering and cloning formed from the need to provide ongoing spares and then eventually whole engine manufacture. dont think china can claim the same. their cloning of older diesels seems to be limited to german designs like hatz and deutz, and more recently, japanese engines like yanmar and honda.

    funny old world aint it :)


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