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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by menascej, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. menascej

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    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a Wipac Manual for a CJ magneto? I acquired two over the weekend but one is pile of parts. :roll:

  2. flash22

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    download the jap 4/3 manual it covers the CJ also have a look in the petter archive (link on the main page)

    There fairly simple mag's, the only tricky bit is getting the spring back on

    Have a look here http://www.internalfire.com/ifod/mantree.php
  3. jmenasce

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    yes its the spring on the impulse coupling that has us stumped. Othewise its straight forward. Nicely made magneto too!

    Also discovered that the CJ coil will fit inside a Lucas SR1 magneto and with a small modification to the HT connection tab in the SR1 cover it can work as a replacment for the SR1 coils which are now unobtainable here in South Africa.
    At an exchange rate of ZAR 19 to 1 GBP it's now not econmical to even think of importing any ex UK.

    Cheers :D
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  6. flash22

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    thanks for the link, very useful and saves me squinting at the the pic's I have

    Keep up the good work
  7. menascej

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    I'm still struggling with the contact breaker assembly.

    Those manuals don't really explain that part beyond basic maintenance (unless I have missed something somewhere).

    Does anyone have a picture of the complete assembly. Unfortunately both out CJ mags came with their impulse couplings pulled apart so I have no reference :(
  8. flash22

    flash22 New Member

    there are 2 versions of the CJ clockwise and anticlockwise the 2 drawings I have are anticlockwise basically its the reverse of the drawings

    Tiff from the petter archive



    pic of the front of the cj on my 4/3 (before restro)


    Read the sticky on the petter achive there is ton's of information in there and its all ways being updated
  9. flash22

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  10. menascej

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    I'll take another look at it later this week and see if I am still struggling. I didn't see those pages when I searched the archive but it's possible they have been added subsequently. (or I am lousy at searches :lol: :oops: )

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