Opening Hours

No hours for 2020 at the moment
More info on the Events page when we have it.


The current COVID-19 outbrteak means that the museum will not be opening at Easter this year and will be closed until September, a decsion for August onwards will be made in July and published on the website and Facebookpage


Admission charges
Adults: £7.50
Concessions: £6.75
Student: £5.00
Children (under 12): £3.75
Family ticket: £21.00
Armed Forces: No charge
Friends of the museum and under 5s go free.

Discount for groups, coaches welcome.

There are engines running daily from small to giant.
Telephones to play with and working radios. Most Halls have an engine running all day and larger engines are started as and when required.
Equipment in the telephone and radio rooms is always running and interactive.

Steaming Days

Two Sundays a month with engines in steam from 11:00am to 3:30pm
See Events for details

The Steam Halls are open every day and some engines are turned using compressed air or motors but on certain days each month they are steamed, check the events listing for details.

Industrial Heritage is particularly important as
we move into the age of technology, it keeps
us in touch with the practical skills that helped form
where we are today.

Internal Fire charts the development of the steam engine through to the most modern internal combustion engines. The continuous development that has shaped modern engine technology is demonstrated by working engines from 1850s steam engines through to modern computer controlled high speed diesels.

Engines run in the museum every day with a variety of sounds and smells that are eye opening to those who don't remember and evocative of a previous life to those who do.

Always Something Running

Daily what is happening

There are always engines running when we are open.
Things need to work to come alive and every day there will be engines running around the museum. At least 8 engines are running at any time and other engines are started and run throughout the day.

Telephone Exchanges

Working electro-mechanical exchange

In the Exchange Rooms are telephones dating back to the 1920s along with working exchanges connected around the museum.


Daily coffees, cakes and sandwiches

The cafe does not prepare any hot food but has hot and cold drinks (do a nice cappuccino!) and there is "Parafinalia" our shop to look around.