Petters in Preservation


Total Recorded = 924
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Type Not Indexed

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type A1

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1543284A1In preservation 2018.1952-05-06
1544399A1In preservation 20171963-10-18
1544400A1In preservation 20171963-10-19
1544401A1In preservation 20171963-10-19
1544402A1In preservation 20171963-10-19
1544403A1In preservation 20171963-10-19

Type AFP1

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type B

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
10059BIn preservation 20151908-07-21

Type CH

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type FP2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
13302FP2In preservation 20181915-07-30

Type HS12

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32954HS12In preservation USA 20131924-07-01
38573HS12In preservation 2018 in UK. LH starting handle. Portable type exhaust bend. Water pump driving pulley. Copper water pipes. So supplied as bare engine for mounting on local trolley. Set to 14 deg. advance.1927-04-08

Type KK

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type MM

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
11080MMIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1910-11-12

Type PA1

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1105421PA1In preservation 2017.1952-08-15

Type PD

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1302PDNo detailed records.1905-08-26

Type PHF

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1984PHFNo other records1906-10-23

Type PHS12

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32947PHS12Friction clutch & portable type chimney, radiator, fan and brackets & stay. Water pump and driving pulley. Trolley not sent.1924-02-14

Type PVA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
51828PVAVictory model1921-10-15
52292PVAin preservation 2014.1921-11-03
53080PVAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-06-22
53741PVA1923 Victory Model.1922-12-28
55040PVANow paired with PL2294 dynamo & board originally with eng. 54201. O/s piston now fitted. Originally supplied under a Show order to the Petter Stand at Bath & West show, Taunton. Show finished.1924-05-15
55895PVAHopper cooled. With 22ft of 2 1/2" x 3 ply belting.1924-11-03
62282PVAPetrol head.1929-06-15
64876PVAIn preservation 2018.1932-06-08


EngineModelDescriptionDate No


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
6348PVAUIn preservation 2018.1928-11-11
64006PVAUIn preservation 20161931-01-31

Type PVB

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
60798PVBIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1931-11-03


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
60101PVBLIn preservation 20131918-11-07

Type PVF

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
40966PVFNo detailed records for this serial.1915-01-05
41637PVFNo detailed records for early VF.1916-02-21
42837PVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1917-07-27
43136PVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1917-12-29
43190PVFIn preservation 2016.1918-01-23
43611PVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1918-06-06
44140PVFCast Iron lubricator. Jellymould head.1918-12-25
44233PVFStep pulley.1919-03-21
44482PVF1916 model.1919-06-14
45306PVFVictory model. In preservation 2017.1919-11-14
45682PVFVictory model. In preservation 2016.1920-01-21
45759PVFVictory model. 1918 type head.1920-01-24
46920PVFIn preservation 20141920-07-28
47981PVFIn preservation 20131924-12-16
70539PVFIn preservation 2017.1923-11-21
74041PVFIn preservation 2013.1928-04-30
76301PVFPacking sheet missing. 1932-12-13


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
75528PVFUHopper. In preservation 2016.1930-07-08
75609PVFUIn preservation 2018.1930-10-16

Type PVS12

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type PVS5

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32856PVS5Secondhand. Reconditioned. Supplied on trolley with green waterproof sheet. As usual previous sale records destroyed.1929-11-23

Type PVS8

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
34081PVS8Supplied with trolley complete with water tank. In preservation 2016. Tested on Gas Oil and set to 15 degrees advance.1924-07-10

Type PVZ

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1680PVZLittle Pet series 2. Show Finished, Glass lubricator.1923-09-24
1976PVZHopper cooled. Glass lubricator. In preservation 2018. Resold under order number 979.1924-05-25
10892PVZIn preservation 1995. Extended crank pulley side. Petrol1935-02-08


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
3933PVZAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-07-19


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
5980PVZUCast iron base, striking gear.1928-07-03
6348PVZUIn preservation 2018.1928-12-06
7962PVZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Part of compressor set, originally sent to the Bath & West Show in 1931 and again in 1932.1931-05-08
7982PVZUIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1930-11-00
10419PVZUIn preservation 2017 Acquired in spring of 2009 from The London Borough of Redbridge ,Leys Road ,Ilford. Hopper-cooled. Badged Merryweather. On trolley, road wheels, with Petter Horizontal double acting pump, fast & loose pulleys and striking gear.1934-03-18


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
50181SPVAIn preservation 2013.1918-10-30
50956SPVAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1920-10-28
51211SPVANo.1 Petter-Light set. With water pipes, belt, switchboard fuse and instruction card. And export spares. Test sheet for dynamo sets missing.1921-04-04
51690SPVAEngine in preservation 2017. Originally part of a No1 Petter-Light set.1921-03-10
51693SPVADynamo and board in preservation 2013.1926-12-04
52636SPVA1922 model. In preservation 20131921-11-17
52795SPVANo. 3 Pump set.1922-05-02
56551SPVAGlass lubricator. Show finished. Incomplete, bent crank, very rusty and well beyond restoration. Broken for the few usable parts.1925-05-07
58568SPVAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-04-20


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
56911SPVAAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay). Agricultural type (i.e Handyman).1925-10-12
58475SPVAAHandyman on skids.1927-03-31


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
64332SPVAUHopper. Logsaw set, special skids. Show finished1931-05-16
64984SPVAUHopper. Logsaw set, special skids. Show finished. Transferred from "sale & return" to "firm sale".1932-11-11


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
60161SPVBVictory Model. Accelerating fitted to magneto.1920-03-31
60474SPVBIn preservation 2014.1920-11-12


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
41663SPVFNo detailed records for the earliest VF.1916-03-03
41979SPVFIn preservation. GO 03/08/1917, GO 03/10/1918. No detailed records.1916-08-11
43284SPVFIn preservation 2018. Hunt & Mitton Oiler. Originally bulit with Petter Imp magneto.1918-01-22
44949SPVFVictory model. In preservation 2018 (Ebay).1919-09-16
44989SPVFIn preservation 2017. 1919-10-17
45448SPVFIn preservation 20171919-12-22
45647SPVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1920-01-20
45746SPVFIn preservation 2018 (FB)1920-01-31
45756SPVFIn preservation 2018 (FB). Victory Model1920-01-27
45952SPVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1920-02-27
46392SPVFIn preservation 20181920-05-05
46515SPVFVictory head.1920-05-19
46619SPVFIn preservation 2016. Missing piston and rod.1920-07-08
46631SPVFThompson-Bennett magneto.1920-06-15
46681SPVFIn Preservation 2018.1920-09-07
46756SPVFVictory model.1920-08-30
46793SPVFVictory Model with export spares. Six patents plate 10699. A picture suggests this is a 1916 model with a Victory (1919) head.The erection sheet shows 1919 head with NO priming cup. Probably not 46793.1920-07-14
46898SPVFIn preservation 2018 (FB).1920-07-08
47324SPVFVictory model engine crated on stretcher with water tank In preservation 20171921-05-10
47425SPVFVictory Model In preservation 20171920-10-06
47999SPVFIn preservation (Ebay) 2016.1920-11-24
48006SPVFVictory model.1920-09-14
48592SPVFTwo the same 48630 and 48592. The latter in preservation (FB) 2016 1921-05-11
48933SPVFIn preservation 2017. Built with Hopper head and 1922 lubrication system.1921-11-01
49040SPVFIn preservation 2018 (Ebay). Extra Pulley on starting side with starting collar. 1922 type lubrication1921-11-16
71550SPVFIn preservation 2018 (FB). With glass lubricator , drain pipe & tap.1925-01-30
72119SPVFGlass LUbricator.1925-11-19
75624SPVFNow in preservation in the USA (2013)1930-09-19
76657SPVFIn preservation 2014.1933-12-29
77050SPVFIn preservation 2016 (Ebay). 1935-04-18
77290SPVFIn preservation with earlier exhaust 2018 (FB). Extended crankshaft on pulley side. Retested at 6hp 18/12/1935. Fitted with cast iron gears to AL form 1561-2.1935-12-31


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
72396SPVFATwelve engines same: 72675 in preservation. Fitted with air strainer. On wood skids1926-07-30
72539SPVFAHandyman, Hopper head. On wood skids. In preservation 2016. 1926-07-23

Type SPVS5

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
35050SPVS5In preservation near Ottery. Fitted with Petter patent mech. lubricator.1925-01-14
39423SPVS5Skid mounted. In preservation 2017. Fitted with twin feed M-K.1927-05-10


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1128SPVZSupplied as pump set. 1922 type lubrication. Exhibition finish.1922-09-14
1675SPVZIn preservation 2017 but fitted with incorrect CI oiler.1924-06-18
1820SPVZIn preservation 20131924-05-07
2160SPVZ1923 Model Junior Safety Engine1924-09-06
2411SPVZGlass lubricator.1925-01-21
2747SPVZO/s piston 25/05/1943. Also spares for a VS8.1925-04-20
3140SPVZGlass lubricator.1925-10-16


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
3155SPVZAOriginally sold under order 2027 to A W Dumbrill on 05/11/1925. Previous records destroyed by Petters as their usual practice.1927-05-18
3610SPVZAIn preservation 2016. Handyman on skids fitted with Wineglass lubricator.1926-02-19
4246SPVZAIn preservation 2018.1926-12-16
4660SPVZAHandyman. 1927-05-21
4939SPVZAHandyman, Petrol head.1927-07-15
4982SPVZANow fitted with non-original fabricated exhaust.1927-06-24


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
11183SPVZUHopper. In preservation 2016.1935-08-26
12499SPVZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Hopper cooled1937-03-19
12529SPVZUIn preservation 2014.1937-07-02
12694SPVZUHopper cooled. Extended crank pulley side?1937-08-29

Type SVD

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
30552SVDIn preservation 20131915-11-09

Type T25/3

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
220005T25/3In preservation 2018. Rebored +1/16" 10/7/19461931-04-01

Type T5

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
220602T5In preservation 2018 (FB). No other details for Trade Orders. Rebored cylinder 23/03/1957.1933-12-11

Type T7

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
220086T7In preservation 2017, Greece1931-12-09

Type TT

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
220643TTIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1934-02-16
221177TTNo detailed records for Trade Orders.1934-10-13
221651TTIn preservation 2016. No further detail for Trade Orders1935-07-10
222840TTMarked as Rebored. Came as part of the Petter Collection. Trade Order so no further details.1936-09-07
223067TTIn preservation 2018. Trade Order so no detailed records.1936-10-27

Type TTS

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
224610TTSIn preservation 2016. Trade Order so no detail in archive.1938-04-23
225171TTSSold from Loughborough and those records missing.1940-05-02
225519TTSNo detailed records for engines this late.1941-04-11

Type TU

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
221111TUIn preservation 2018. No detailed records for Trade Orders.1937-07-30
222235TUTrade Order so no detailed records.1936-01-16
222673TUPreserved at Internal Fire Museum of Power. Trade Order so no detailed records.1936-05-23
222675TURebored 27/11/1946 No detailed records for Trade Orders. 1936-04-02
222688TUTrade Order so no detailed records1936-05-25
222710TUNo detailed records for Trade Orders.1936-07-09
223803TUIn preservation 2018 (FB). No more detail for Trade Orders.1937-07-09
225563TUIn preservation 2017. No detailed records. Fitted with Pilgrim lubricator.1941-02-12

Type TUS

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
224648TUSTrade Order so no detailed records. Rebored 07/06/19511938-02-15

Type TUS2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
225298TUS2In preservation in NZ 20161939-06-23

Type TV

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
221499TVRebored. 1935-01-02
224959TV15hp Atomic single cylinder. In preservation and installed at internal Fire1939-12-04

Type TX

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type TX1

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
223296TX1In preservation at Internal Fire Museum of Power. Trade order so no detailed records. Ex Petter factory collection1936-06-30
223299TX1No detailed records for Trade Orders.1936-11-03

Type TX2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
223341TX2Trade Order so no detailed records. Rebored 16/01/19521937-02-26

Type TX3

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
222741TX3Rebored 21/4/1949 On loan to Internal Fire Museum of Power. Trade order so no detailed records.1936-08-10
223603TX3No detailed records for (TO) Trade Orders).1937-05-03

Type VA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
50017VAWith dynamo and radiator.1918-07-06
50055VAIn preservation 2018.1917-11-07
50184VA2.5BHP Petter Junior Safety Oil Engine. In preservation 20181918-11-27
50288VAIn preservation 2018. Sent to Winchester Station.1919-06-12
50316VAPlus Crompton direct-coupled dynamo and baseplate. Disc type (solid) flywheels.1920-01-06
50388VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. With dynamo.1920-01-02
50625VAIn preservation 2018. Victory model. To run on petrol special cylinder head. CAV magneto. rated at 2.7bhp on petrol.1920-05-14
50631VACAV magneto. 1919 type Victory head.1920-05-14
50934VAVictory head rebuilt to 1922 model. Returned twice and rebuilt under General Orders 10387 (23/09/1921) & 12937 (06/12/1921 - Lubrication & bearings noted as 1922 model).1921-11-30
51029VAOld Type exhaust silencer. CAV magneto serial 47581, CI dripper on cylinder. Head 1919 type (ie Victory). As usual tested at 2.6bhp1920-08-30
51211VANo. 1 Lighting set.1921-04-04
51227VAIn preservation 2016.1920-11-13
51690VAEngine in preservation 2017. Originally part of a NO. 1 Lighting set.1921-03-22
51693VA1KW 25/37vdc. 1921-04-06
51756VAEngine only in preservation. Previously sold see daybook.1923-07-07
51788VANo1 P-L. in preservation 2014.1921-04-18
51826VAOne of a batch. In preservation in NZ 20161921-04-23
52460VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-02-15
52568VAIn preservation 2016. BTH magneto1921-10-18
52658VAIn preservation 2016.1921-12-24
52682VA1922 Model Junior In preservation 20171922-07-27
52708VAFitted with replica ID plate stamped erroneously 53741, and an incorrect hopper head.1922-05-03
52738VANo. 1A Petter-Light set, with VF water tank. 1922 model1921-12-02
52795VANo 3 Pump set.1922-05-02
52932VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-04-05
53034VAPetrol head. 1922-05-08
53126VANo. 4 P-l set. 1922 model (pressure lubrication feed to both mains.)1922-07-11
53152VAWith "Bridge pattern" Petter patent switchboard no. 367. Dynamo in preservation 20131922-07-18
53165VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-09-05
53180VAIn preservation 2014. Petrol head.1922-07-26
53207VAIn preservation 2013.1922-07-31
53212VAIn preservation 2014. Supplied with cast base and compression cock only.1923-02-27
53312VAPulley side flywheel crowned.
In preservation (ebay) 2016.
53318VACast iron base, Adjusting ???? & block. Compression cock1922-09-14
53474VA1923 model. No1A P-LEngine in preservation 2018 Now paired with PL3812.1922-11-04
53598VAIn preservation 20131923-07-18
53620VADynamo and switchboard in preservation 2013. No.1 P-L 37vdc1922-12-29
53631VAIn preservation 20171922-12-08
53711VANo.1 P-L 25/37vdc.1923-01-10
53765VAIn preservation 2013.1923-01-16
53829VAEngine only in preservation in NZ 2016. P-L set and no 2 pump set .1923-05-16
53872VANo 1A P-L. in preservation 2014.1923-02-27
54051VA1923 Model Petter Junior In preservation 20171923-04-18
54181VANo. 1A P-L set. Dynamo and board in preservation 2017 with engine serial 57253. 1924-05-22
54187VAo/s rings 24/11/1934. In preservation 2017.1923-05-22
54201VADynamo and Board only, with engine no. 55040 since 2006.1923-11-06
54246VAHopper cooled. In preservation in USA 2000.1923-06-19
54312VAPulley side flywheel crowned. In preservation (ebay) 2016. 1923-07-02
54371VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1923-09-03
54394VAIn preservation 2016.1923-08-13
54622VASee Pl records for further set details. Engine in preservation 2015 though incomplete.1923-09-17
54685VAPacking sheet missing. 1923-09-04
54751VAHopper type.1924-01-01
54765VANo. 1A P-L. Complete set and cells in preservation 2016.1923-10-12
54874VAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay). Wineglass lubricator.1923-12-10
55040VANow paired with PL2294 dynamo & board1924-05-15
55141VAIn preservation 20171924-02-08
55251VANo. 3 pump set with cast iron base fast & loose pulleys and striking gear. In preservation 2018 (Ebay-still in Bridport).1924-07-31
55272VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1924-03-25
55300VANo. 3 pump set on base. Hopper cooled. Engine in preservation 20161924-07-01
55409VAPetter-Light Set 1A on cast iron base. Engine only in preservation 2013. Now fitted with Appletop hopper.1924-06-16
55447VAIn preservation 20131924-07-06
55462VAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay). Rebored.1924-06-06
55599VAHopper cooled. One of a batch which also included 55601 (in preservation 2016).1924-10-03
55690VASet in preservation 2016.1924-11-24
55719VANo. 1A P-L set 50/70vdc.1924-10-24
55722VAdynamo in preservation 2018. No.1a PL set.1925-06-18
56161VA50vdc 1.25KW.1925-01-04
56162VANo 1A P-L set 100/140 vdc. Engine in preservation 2018.1947-05-24
56825VA50-75vdc vdc 1.25KW.1926-01-13
57092VA3 BHP Petter Junior Safety Oil Engine In preservation 20171926-01-27
57253VAEngine in preservation 2017. Replacing serial 54181 on PL2323 (qv).1926-03-24
57308VAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1926-03-25
57475VAIn preservation 20131926-05-04
57603VANo. 102 P-L.1926-07-14
57721VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-08-25
57968VAIn preservation in Oz 2018 (FB). See also 57677 for detailed record. Part of a large batch under o/no 7370.1926-11-16
58112VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-02-07
58216VANo. 102 Petter-Light set. Dynamo and switchboard in preservation 2016.1927-01-12
58347VAd/c lighting set. in preservation 2014.1927-04-02
58567VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-05-05
58625VA+1 starting collar to be fitted on opposite side to Standard. In preservation 2016.1927-06-11
59178VAPetrol head1927-10-28
59238VAPetrol head.1927-10-15
59379VABatch probably included 59370 which remained in the UK and is preserved, However one engine was renumbered and the original docs scrapped. 1927-12-17
59484VAPlus tin of cold starters for an S type. With 200vdc compound wound dynamo, switchboard and coupling.1928-01-00
59523VADynamo and board in preservation. Now paired with 53474.1928-04-26
59605VAHopper cooled. One of a batch See 59588.1928-08-24
59722VAPetrol head.Flexible coupling. Rebored + 1/16" 23/07/1936.1928-05-31
59907VAIn preservation in Aus 2014. d/c 32v set, one of a batch of 9 GEC sets. See succeeding 38 records for rest of batch and shipping details1928-04-00
59920VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1928-07-10
59975VA102 P-L 1.25KW 50-70vdc. Baseplate dynamo and board in preservation 2018.1928-07-31
61609VAIn preservation 2017, South Africa1928-09-24
61738VA102 P-L 50vdc.1.25KW. Engine in preservation 2016.1928-10-26
61950VAIn preservation 2016. 1928-11-30
62119VAStarting collar pulley on Governor side for 1/2" Whittle belt1929-01-07
62170VAEngine in preservation 2015. cylinder and flywheels found to badly cracked. Those parts replaced by parts from 54622 (qv). 1929-01-15
62289VAPetrol head. In preservation 20141924-03-25
62620VAIn preservation 2016. Extended crank both sides, special starting handle.1929-05-27
62744VAGEC badged baseplate. No P-L no. Allocated. No.3 direct-coupled set. P-L numbers not usually allocated to GEC sets. 1930-01-06
63840VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. O/S piston 90051 28/3/470000-00-00
63938VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-10-07
64218VAFitted with one screwed flange on engine for exhaust pipe. i.e. NO exhaust pot supplied! In preservation 2014.1931-03-09
64880VAIn Preservation 2018 (Ebay) previously sold under Show order 1902. Rebored 25/09/1946.1936-10-29
64922VAIn preservation 2018 (FB).1932-04-22
65188VA102 Petterlight set1933-04-20
65319VANo. 3 d/c set with wall type board. Set in preservation 2015.1933-06-16
65600VAEngine only in preservation 2018 (Ebay). Direct-coupled lighting set 100/140vdc.1934-12-03
65613VAIn preservation 2016. Extended crank on pulley side. Hopper.1934-03-29
65767VAIn preservation 20141934-06-04
65901VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1934-10-23
66027VA110vdc, Radiator cooled Direct-coupled set. Engine in preservation in NZ 2016.1935-04-15
66417VAEngine in preservation 2016. Engine appears to have been sold before in 1935. See test sheets. 1936-03-28
66527VAExtended crankshaft. In preservation 20171936-01-31
66550VAIn preservation 2016. Replacement (Masco) felt rings sent. Calibrater shimmed and CI gears fitted. 1935-01-03
66582VADirect coupled engine only. 1936-06-05
66810VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Special Crank1936-05-27
66942VAIn preservation 2018. +1/16" o/s piston supplied 03/02/1943.1936-08-08
66963VAIn preservation 2017. 1936-07-16
66980VAExtended crank pulley side. First in batch. Crank mounted pulleys made by Dening & Co. of Chard. In preservation in Oz 2015.1936-09-04
67011VAIn preservation 2018 (FB). Extended crank 1936-09-10
67167VACombined governor cover and Whittle belt pulley. Hopper cooled.1936-11-30
67278VAExtended Crank. In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1937-03-21
67462VAOrder no. is incorrect. Should be 130701937-08-24
67569VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1937-06-07
67604VAUniversal hopper engine, in preservation 2016 Fitted BTH magneto Tested 14/09/19371937-09-13
67638VAExtended crank pulley end.1937-09-21
67823VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1938-03-31

Type VAA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
56911VAAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1925-10-18
57005VAAHandyman. One of a batch.1925-12-11
57025VAAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-12-24
57318VAAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-08-09
57444VAAHandyman with hopper petrol head. In preservation 2016.1926-06-18
58470VAAIn preservation 2018. Tank Cooled Handyman.1927-05-05
58870VAAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Fitted new type cyl head and compression plate1927-09-02
58897VAAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-11-09
59367VAAIn preservation 2017. Handyman. One of a batch. No detailed records. 1927-12-19
59368VAAtwo the same 59360, and 59368, the latter in preservation (Ebay)Hopper.1927-11-30
59588VAAHandyman. One of a batch which included 59605 (in preservation 2019). Air filter, drain cocks and screwed oil well covers.1928-05-24


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
58125VAAUHandyman Appletop painted red and in preservation1929-07-23

Type VAU

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
5875VAUPetrol head and carb. In preservation 2014. Non-original magneto.1928-05-23
11778VAUHopper cooled. Set in preservation 2018 (FB). Engine d/c to Hamworthy compressor on base.1936-08-31
59102VAUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-10-28
59389VAUPetrol engine. Air filter.1927-12-13
59762VAUIn preservation 2018. Previously sold on 12051928 to C G Cooke, under o/no 8670.1929-06-10
59793VAUIn preservation 20131928-05-07
61753VAUSupplied with petrol head. Engine numbers 61808 & 61836 on same order1928-12-03
62090VAUWhittle belt pulley and standard pulley.1929-05-29
62192VAUIn preservation 2014. Petrol head but not noted as hopper until the Packing dept. memo.. Noting that is the norm.1929-09-06
63050VAUIn preservation 2017.1929-10-18
63060VAULater converted to 3bhp under GO 4615. In preservation 2014.1929-10-23
63124VAUIn preservation 20131929-11-22
63595VAUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-04-25
63733VAUSmall governor side pulley suitable for Whittle belt. Engine in non-original build in preservation 2016.1930-06-12
63872VAUHopper cooled. In preservation 2018.1931-04-15
63921VAUHopper cooled1931-05-15
64101VAUIn preservation 2016.1930-11-25
64163VAUHopper. Engine in preservation 2016.1931-05-07
64283VAUHopper. In preservation 2016.1931-11-03
64332VAUand Logsaw. Previously sold on 10/06/1931 to Joshua Hosier then returned and overhauled.1931-11-19
64448VAUHopper. In preservation 2017. Compression ring removed and not sent as intended for high altitude.1931-09-08
64922VAUIn preservation in Sweden 2018 (FB). See 647731932-06-08
65285VAUHopper. Wakefield grease gun.1933-07-17
65314VAUExtended crank. Full Fowler spec.1933-10-02
65345VAUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1933-09-06
65432VAUHopper. 1933-09-27
65810VAUHopper, In preservation 20131934-09-25
65970VAUHopper cooled, in preservation 20171935-01-09
66113VAUPetter Light No 102, 1.25kw, 50/70 volts GEC switchboard1935-02-22
66175VAUHopper. Whittle belt pulley.1935-05-18
66305VAUBroken for parts as badly frosted and seized0000-00-00
66402VAUIn preservation 2017.1935-10-14
66557VAUBatch of five. 66556, 66542, 66559, 66614, and 66557. Hopper cooled. Whittle belt pulley.1936-01-03
66784VAUOrder no incorrectly transposed. Last in batch all to same spec. see image 316 for first. In preservation 2015. No evidence of it being "De-Luxe".1936-05-11
67011VAUHopper. In preservation 2018 (FB).1936-09-10
67400VAUOne of a batch of three. This set in preservation 2015.1937-03-04
67748VAUHopper. In preservation 2016 (Ebay). 1937-11-18
67810VAUPetrol engine. Benford hopper.1938-06-25

Type VB

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
60369VBFitted with 12" pulley and T-B magneto. In preservation 2016.1920-09-25
60629VBIn preservation 2018.1921-01-21
60632VBOne of a batch of 12 which included 60629 which is preserved but whose records are incomplete.1921-01-21
60780VBIn preservation1921-10-14
60790VBIn preservation in NZ 2016. 1921-05-12
61044VBRebored + 1/16" (linered back to std. in 2016). 1924-07-01
61197VBRebored cylinder to 6.026" under GO25261 on 03/02/1933. with Dynamo on CI base.1923-12-18
61290VBRB? rebored perhaps so maybe previously sold and returned for recon?? The last VB sold. In preservation 2017.1928-11-02

Type VBC

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32537VBCIn preservation 2002.1922-11-09

Type VBL

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type VC

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
31203VCIn preservation 2014. Supplied to Bootle education committee for demonstration and instruction. Painted green and supppied with hand compressor, oil heater, indicator gear, and Brake wheel.1920-04-29

Type VCA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32495VCAConverted from scrolled crankshaft. 4 feed Empire lubricator. In preservation 27/11/2012.1922-10-17

Type VD

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32381VDIn preservation 20131921-02-24

Type VE

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
30884VEIn preservation at a museum, externally stored, frost damaged, poor condition (2013)1917-02-06

Type VE2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
31630VE2In preservation 20161922-06-29

Type VF

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
40120VFIn preservation 2017. No detailed records.1913-10-24
40173VFRebuilt under the GO. No detailed records for early VF.1913-11-14
40175VFIn preservation 2017.1913-11-24
40926VFSadly no detailed records. The build is right for the serial1915-01-02
43432VFSold 29/04/1918 and returned after repair under GO 6298 on 30/08/1918. In preservation 2016.1918-08-30
43490VFPart of large batch for MoM. Appeared on a forum preserved in Ghana with another. Hamworthy circulating pump and driving pulley on crankshaft. Brass governor springs and special long piston. New type sprayer balanced flywheels.1918-05-23
43906VFLast of a batch of >300 engines beginning on reel 37A. At least one in preservation in Ghana, formerly Gold Coast - see Wiki for details of enlightened post WW1 governer. #43490 indexed.1918-04-30
44479VFIn preservation 2015.1919-06-04
44965VFRebuilt to 1923 standard 19/04/1928 under GO 2986.1920-01-01
45122VFIn preservation 2018 disc flywheels (Ebay). 1919-11-12
45350VFIn preservation 20161919-11-11
45382VFVictory Model.1919-11-22
46161VFVictory Model, in preservation 2017 Supplied to Heston and Sons, Electrical Engineers and Contractors, 158 Fenchurch St, London EC3. Supplied with all pipe fittings, foundation bolts etc1929-04-19
46272VFIn preservation 2018.1920-04-19
46798VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1920-07-08
46869VFIn preservation 2016. Rest of record missing. Pulley side flywheel crowned.1920-07-05
47036VFRefurbished under GO 4227 on 15/01/1926.1920-11-15
47128VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1921-03-16
47235VFIn preservation 2016. 1919 type cylinder head (now known as Victory head)1920-07-15
47262VFOne of a batch of 25 engines the same. 47870 and 47816 in preservation.1921-04-18
47307VFIn preservation 2017. o/s piston 01/10/192?1921-04-26
47547VFIn preservation. Victory head.1920-08-13
47686VFIn preservation 2016. 1920-08-24
47816VFOne of a batch of 25. See 47262.1921-04-18
47870VFIn preservation 2018. One of a large batch See 47262.1921-04-08
47933VFVictory model.1920-09-08
47954VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
47989VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
48315VFSupplied to Warner & Son Engineers, 23 Market St, Kings Lynn. in preservation 2017 Victory Model1921-07-20
48399VFFlywheel crowned on pulley side.1920-11-09
48627VFOne of a batch 20 engines the same of which 48490 is in preservation. 47133,47928,47891,47481,47834,47861,47992,47847,47999,47080,47305,49109,48162,47814,48490,48111,47811,47985,48627,48128.1921-02-12
49142VFIn preservation 2016.1922-09-15
49143VFDynamo in preservation 2015.1922-10-19
49813VFNo.2 P-L.1922-12-09
49825VFSaid to be an Appletop with flywheels serial 77528 BUT The first VF Appletop hopper was made in 1927. 77528 was hopper-cooled. 77825 was a Calibrater model. No pics provided.1922-12-13
70076VFNo.2 PL set Partially in preservation 2016.1923-00-00
70377VFFive same: 70378, 70377, 70370, 70327, 70380. 1923-07-11
70418VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1923-09-13
70795VF1923 Model Petter Junior Safety Oil Engine. Double scroll crankshaft. In preservation 20181923-11-30
70916VFDistance piece & extra silencer. Blue paint.1924-01-31
71010VFNo 2A Petter Light Set1924-12-02
71360VFDynamo and base in preservation 2002.1923-07-06
71756VFShow finished. In preservation 2016.1925-08-29
72124VF50/70vdc 2.25KW1926-06-10
72132VFIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1925-11-16
72137VFIn preservation 2016 (Ebay). 103 P-L 50vdc.1926-05-20
72422VFBadged Merryweather.1926-03-30
73653VFPetrol headed lab engine. In preservation 2016.1927-08-18
73664VF50vdc 103 P-L. Wall distance piece for exhaust.1928-11-07
73681VF104A P-L 100vdc. Dynamo and board in preservation 2018 (ebay). Retest. 1928-11-22
74622VF15" dia, Pulley.1928-12-27
74630VFIn preservation 20141929-03-08
74694VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1929-08-16
75103VFNo5 P-L. in preservation 2014. GEC made board1930-05-29
75301VF* collars with labels attached (?) 1930 model. 10" x 7" pulley1930-01-14
75469VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-09-03
75809VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1932-06-09
76120VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1932-10-20
76137VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
76237VFIn preservation1932-07-01
76267VFHopper cooled. In preservation 20161932-09-29
76679VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1934-05-01
77287VFIn preservation 2018 (FB). Supplied with pair of channel adaptors. So probably a replacement on a Petter-Light set.1935-12-04
77290VFIn preservation with earlier exhaust 2018 (FB). Extended crankshaft.1935-12-31
77308VFExtended crank on driving side. Two the same 77308 and 77309 the latter in preservation in Ireland 2017.1936-01-04
77309VFExtended crank. See 77308 for detailed records.0000-00-00
77484VFIn preservation 20151936-10-29
77513VFSet in preservation 2018. Single solid flywheel. Ball & roller main bearings.1936-05-21
77529VFLast worked at a sawmill in N Devon then exported to New Zealand.1936-04-29
77546VFIn preservation 20181936-08-26
77671VFIn preservation 2014.1936-12-14
77810VFTook two hours to find this one! In preservation 2015. Supplied with two flywheel balance weights. Long crank pulley side. Alu piston. Flywheels drilled and balanced.1937-02-06
77816VFIn preservation 20181937-12-04
77998VFIn preservation in RSA 2018. Built to Bulletin 637. See 77999. 1937-08-30
78232VFHopper cooled VF, retested 6bhp @ 720 rpm on 25.1.38, on paraffin. In preservation 2018, Shelsley Walsh Watermill Society1938-03-02
78282VFIn preservation 2016. Screwed greaers for mains. and NOTE governor cover.1937-12-05
78633VFCistern hopper. Preserved at Internal Fire 1942-05-08

Type VF2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
42340VF2Used two serials 42340 and 42341. No detailed records. 02/03/1918 loose crankshaft. 05/03/1918 broken crankshaft.Remained broken for 100 years and ran on one cylinder driving a feed mill.1917-01-27

Type VFA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
72675VFAHandyman. 12 engines the same see 72396.1926-07-30

Type VFU

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
10660VFUTwo engines 10660 (in preservation 2018) & 10739. Extended crank and air strainer. Hopper cooled. Built to Fowler spec. P137.1934-09-05
75253VFUIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1930-01-28
75509VFUEngine only in preservation 2018 (Ebay). Hopper-cooled. Direct-coupled Evans pumping set on baseplate. Lever for operating fuel inner tube (drain). Disc type Flywheel (ie Solid).1930-02-18
75647VFUHopper cooled.1930-09-10
75918VFUHopper cooled engine in preservation, no other info available as sheets missing from end of reel.1931-06-10
76329VFUHopper. CVocks fitted to fuel base and crankcase. Tecalemit greae nipples. Chain sprocket to go direct from J Fowler. Air filter.1933-01-11
76529VFUHopper. Extended crank on pulley side. In preservation in NZ 2016.1933-03-13
76792VFUHopper cooled (Apple). 4 engines in batch1934-11-01
77484VFUIn preservation 2015. Hopper cooled. sold on again 2018.1936-10-23
77546VFUEngine in preservation 2018. Supplied with engine coupling and casting for pump coupling1935-08-29
77816VFUIn preservation 2018 (FB). Built as tank-cooled and converted to hopper-cooled 02/10/1937 prior to sale. Built as paraffin and converted to petrol before sale.1937-02-06
77999VFU Built to Bulletin 637. Also 77998 in preservation in SA 2018. Supplied with air filter and agent's nameplate.1937-08-30

Type VG

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
31312VGWO 347.1920-05-19

Type VJ

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
30197VJIn preservation 20131912-07-17

Type VS10

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
210245VS10Brass plugs in bearing oil wells. In preservation 2017. Set at 12 degrees advance to run on Gas Oil (diesel).1933-03-02
211069VS10In preservation 2018. Extended crank at pulley end1935-08-30
211916VS10In preservation 2017. Set to 16 degrees advance.1936-06-12
212360VS1016 degrees advance1937-05-05

Type VS12

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
33196VS12Preserved at Internal Fire Museum of Power1924-02-02
34321VS12In preservation 2016. Tested on Gas Oil and set to 16 degrees advance.1924-09-08
36681VS12In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-12-11
37909VS12With agent's nameplate. 12 deg. Advance.1926-08-18
38551VS12In preservation 2018 (FB). Reverse rotation. Pulley with friction clutch. timing 13 deg BTDC.1926-12-17
201057VS12In preservation USA 2013. + Flather dynamo 1928-02-06
202927VS12In preservation 2014.1928-08-24
203102VS12With agent's nameplate. In preservation 2016. 14 degrees advance.1928-08-08
204001VS12In preservation 2016. 16 degrees advance. Calibrater lubricator.1928-12-12
204575VS12In preservation 2018. Another batch to same buyer under order number 25995.1929-05-25
205267VS12In preservation 2015. High compression vapouriser for high altitude. Set to 14 deg. advance on diesel.1929-07-22
207790VS12In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1931-01-15
207810VS12In preservation 2018 as part of pumping set. Reverse (LH) rotation.1930-09-12
208284VS12In preservation 2017. Tested on diesel at 12 degrees advance.1930-12-08

Type VS12M

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
211811VS12MIn preservation. Fitted with reverse gear. no255.1936-04-29
212423VS12Mwith Petter reverse gear no. 255. Test3d on diesel at 11 degrees advance.1937-11-20

Type VS15

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
210643VS15Later Fitted with 12" x 10" pulley. In preservation 20131933-12-22
211739VS15In preservation 2018.1936-09-01

Type VS18

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
35184VS18Air starter. Cold starter. Mechanical lubricator. Centrifugal oiler.0000-00-00
208134VS18Fuel Pump 57383, Rebored 3/32" O/S In preservation 20171931-03-24
209685VS18Set in preservation 2017. Reverse rotation. Fitted with starting & charging valve. 1932-08-25
209825VS18In preservation 20171932-11-08

Type VS21

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
210334VS21set to 6 degrees advance to run on diesel.1933-08-12
210956VS21In preservation 2017. Reverse rotation. Drilled for Tundish. Special stepped pulley 15 x 10 & 12 x 4. Tested on diesel and set to 6 degrees advance.1934-08-02

Type VS5

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32712VS5Show finish. Show foundation for engine and tank. Separate fuel tank and starters.1923-07-06
32859VS5In preservation 1999. Exhibition Finish, Std. Rotation. 1923-11-30
32888VS5No. 2A P-L 100/140vdc.1923-10-31
33425VS5Overhauled 01/09/1941. In preservation 2013.1924-08-01
33483VS5In preservation 2013. Double scroll crank, glass lubricator and Exhibition finish. Sent with 33553 and a tin of starters. All to Rotterdam.1924-05-19
34211VS5Batch of three; 34217, 34211, 34214. 34217 in preservation.1924-07-08
34554VS5In preservation 20161924-10-08
34620VS5One of a batch of six engines each fitted with Petter Patent lubricator. 34620, 35059, 35049 (in Preservation), 34950, 35015, 34987.1925-01-07
35969VS5Single feed M-K. In preservation 20131925-06-29
37213VS5M-K lubricator, rebored 23/09/1930 under GO 4813 and resold on 29/06/19341926-10-18
37655VS5In preservation 2017. No test sheet.1926-10-09
38255VS5Exhibition finish SO311Lab engine; special starting collar, indicator gear and fittings. Water cooled brake drum.1926-10-23
38303VS5In preservation 20131929-05-28
38643VS5In preservation 20141927-01-17
38705VS5Madison-Kipp lubricator. In preservation.1927-01-17
39995VS5In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-08-09
200421VS5Two same 200421 & 200428 (latter in preservation 2017)1927-10-20
200786VS5In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Rebored +1/16"1927-12-19
201571VS5In preservation 20131928-03-22
202119VS5In preservation 2015.1928-05-31
202244VS5Rebored + 1/16" 26/08/1946.1928-07-09
202622VS5Later resold to W F Vowles. under o/no. 17752 on 13/01/1931.1928-09-10
203225VS5One of a batch of four. 203222 (in preservation 2016), 203223, and 203218. sent with four VS8.1928-11-01
204338VS5In preservation 2016. tested on Diesel fuel and set to 24 degrees advance.1929-03-02
204849VS5In preservation 2016.1929-06-07
204850VS5Batch of 10 engines 204612 204850 204884 204890 204871 204603 204624 204613 204600 204875 Fitted with Cia Argentina de Motores Petter nameplate1929-06-21
208384VS5set for diesel and with 23 degrees advance. Calibrater.1931-01-23
209171VS5In Preservation 2018. Pulley supplied under general; Order 25/04/1933. 1932-02-24
209907VS5In preservation 2015.1932-09-26
210032VS5Ex water pumping station. In preservation 2015. Extended crank both ends but may have been crossed through.1933-03-08
210179VS512" pulley supplied 12/12/1935. In preservation 2015. Tested on diesel and adv set to 23 deg.1933-05-05
211678VS5In preservation. Extended crank on pulley side. Tested on Balik fuel1936-02-12

Type VS6

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
207023VS6No. 5A P-L 100-140vdc direct coupled. To Allen Plucknett Electrical engineer, Sidcup Kent Cooling tank 44" x 30". Show finish. Complete set in preservation 2012.1931-08-12
210536VS6Reverse rotation. Not built as a portable, nor fitted with lamp stand or lamp. In preservation as portable 2015.1936-01-13
212000VS6In preservation 2018. Extended crank on pulley side. Pawls for LH starting supplied 07/07/1937. Set for diesel at 26 degrees advance.1936-11-09
212458VS6In preservation 20141938-12-14

Type VS6M

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
33790VS6MRebored + 1/16" & Calibrater fitted. Motor Yacht Mary Gold.1924-06-12

Type VS8

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
20498VS8Rebored and new piston 24/09/1957. I preservation in NZ 20161929-06-17
32631VS8Converted from 1922 to 1923 lubrication.1923-06-01
32668VS8with special Vickers-Petter sign.1923-01-10
33032VS8In preservation 2016. 15 degrees advance for Gas Oil.1923-10-23
33576VS8In preservation 2016. Rebored +1/16" 02/05/1936. Set to fas Oil and 15 Degrees advance.1924-03-17
34081VS8In preservation 2016. Packing sheet missing. Tested on Gas Oil.1924-06-08
34115VS8In preservation 2014. Tested on Gas Oil.1924-07-18
35411VS8Fitted with Petter patent lubricator. In preservation in UK 2015. Pulley sent 29/08/1936.1925-03-26
35679VS8Supplied with starters and not a lamp. In preservation 2014.1925-03-27
37765VS8In preservation 20131926-09-00
37846VS8In preservation 2018.1926-08-17
38761VS8Water pump driving pulley, Air filters. Set at 16 degrees advance to run on diesel. Madisson Kipp lubricator. Air filters to drawing 32515.1927-02-05
39862VS8engine in preservation 2016. No 203 d/c dynamo set. Electric heater plug. Previously sent out as Show Engine (SO 557)see next set of images. Calibrater lubricator. 1927-09-13
200285VS8Fitted with Electric type vaporiser with 6v heater plug. In preservation 2017. Tested on diesel at 16 degrees advance. Calibrater.1927-08-16
200989VS8In preservation 2016.1927-12-29
202017VS8 In preservation 2014.1928-07-23
205042VS8Date also entered in order no. Which means a LONG manual search through thousands of records which are not in serial sequence. Will take time. It did but not found.1929-08-02
205159VS8Special nameplate. In preservation in Holland 2014. One of a batch of 20 sent to Argentina aboard the SS Avila Star. For shipping details and other serial see 404 and 405.tiff on this reel.1929-08-19
208673VS8Rebored cylinder and o/s piston 26/06.1944. Air filters. Plunger type starting handle. Set for diesel and 14 degrees advance.1931-04-16

Type VST36

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type VZ

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1096VZ1922 model. In preservation 2016. Drip feed assembly 29309 - drawing extant.1922-08-19
1128VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Supplied as pump set. 1922 type lubrication.1922-10-13
1173VZIn preservation 20141923-11-07
1267VZThe reference to cancellation is incorrect and is based on misreading the serial 1257 which was cancelled.1923-00-00
1329VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
1336VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-04-06
1367VZIn preservation 20141923-08-29
1406VZNo 2 Pump Set1923-04-20
1419VZConverted to Tank-cooled 04/07/19231923-04-27
1429VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
1493VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1923-06-13
1500VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
1543VZNo. 0 P-L set 50/70 vdc 3/4 KW. Engine in preservation 2015. See also PL Book1. Overhauled and taken into stock.1923-09-15
1565VZLittle Pet1923-08-13
1587VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
1594VZOne of a batch of seven air-cooled. Pictures show the transitional, between S1 and S2, feed to main bearing rather than to the well. I've seen one other.1923-07-30
1709VZengine only In Preservation 2015.1923-12-05
1743VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
1758VZSupplied as part of pump set1926-05-29
1771VZGlass lubricator. No.0 P-L set 25-37vdc. 1KW.1923-11-13
1779VZPetter-Light set No 01926-04-11
1833VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1924-05-20
1873VZWorkshop set.1923-12-13
1897VZHopper. In preservation 2016.1924-02-13
1926VZAir cooled 50/70vdc gen set no Petter-Light number allocated. 0.65 KW 1924-04-08
1931VZ"Little Pet" previously sold under order 850 and then overhauled into stock and later resold. In preservation 2006.1924-10-29
1976VZHopper. In preservation 2018. 1924-05-28
2036VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Supplied as pump set1924-07-10
2115VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1924-08-01
2268VZNo. 0 P-L.1924-11-06
2279VZIn preservation. Glass lubricator. Coupling and bolts1924-12-22
2285VZNo. 2 pumpset.1924-11-07
2411VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-01-21
2536VZIn preservation 2018. Alpha Petter-Light set1925-07-29
2545VZNo. 51 Alpha-Petter set. Slide rails and bolts going direct.1926-03-05
2554VZCentrifugal pumping set. Twin flywheel. In preservation 20131925-02-17
2564VZWith Evans pump. In preservation 20131925-02-23
2680VZIn preservation 2013.1925-03-20
2747VZo/s piston 1925-04-20
2769VZTwo same 2769 and 2771 (in preservation in NZ - single solid flywheel direct coupled top Reavell compresser on common base. Probably starting set.1925-03-30
2771VZTwo same 2769 and 2771 (in preservation in NZ - single solid flywheel direct coupled top Reavell compressor on common base. Probably starting set.1925-05-13
2778VZHopper. In preservation in NZ 2016. Batch of six, 2778, 2817, 2814, 2816, 2780, 2782.1925-06-16
2782VZSee 2778.1925-06-26
2811VZPetter Junior Safety Oil Engine In preservation 20181925-06-30
2870VZEngine on Ebay is single flywheel for direct coupling.1925-07-24
3162VZNo 101A P-L.1925-11-21
3383VZSome inconsistency with detailed records.1926-07-28
3396VZNo 100 P-L set, dynamo and base in preservation 2016,1926-01-15
3419VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-11-02
3456VZNo. 101 P-L. 50vdc.1926-02-10
3619VZNo 101 PL set1926-04-07
3782VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-08-26
3992VZWith machined base. made into d/c compressor set.Set in preservation in NZ 2016.1926-07-16
4041VZDynamo & board and a base in preservation 20181926-10-06
4174VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-11-04
4353VZNo. 101 P-L set. 50vdc. 3/4 KW. GEC badged so no PL no.1926-12-13
4355VZNo. 40 Alpha-Petter. 32/44vdc1926-12-13
4381VZSet with Evans pump and baseplate. Engine in preservation 2018. Rebored 05/07/1937.1926-12-31
4433VZInstalled to pump water from well at a school near Bristol1927-01-13
4508VZNo 101a PL Set1927-02-18
5038VZ101 P-L set. Mechanical lubricator (Empire??) Engine in preservation 2016.1927-10-06
5079VZin preservation 2018. See serial 5074 for details.1927-08-30
5183VZTank cooled. BTH magneto. In preservation 2014. 10" dia. pulley1927-10-25
5250VZIn preservation 2018 (FB & Ebay). Previously sold under o/no3738 to Glanville Garage on 16/12/19271929-07-12
5328VZRebored +1/32" 16/01/1934.1929-06-04
5341VZIn preservation 20171927-11-17
5509VZPetrol head. In preservation 20171928-01-18
5603VZIn preservation 2018.1928-02-07
6074VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1928-07-27
6174VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1928-09-06
6332VZPlant 101. In preservation 20171928-12-31
6478VZset 101 25vdc. Correcting PL number previously stamped wrongly as PL3400. In preservation 2014.1928-11-21
6507VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-12-14
6508VZin preservation 2016. Note showing conversion from Wico to BTH.1929-12-12
6529VZPart of large order1928-12-12
6668VZo/s piston 05/12/19471929-02-08
6846VZEngine in preservation 2018. With pump.1929-06-26
7079VZ110/140vdc Alpha-Petter set.1929-06-21
7081VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1929-06-24
7121VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1929-08-23
7295VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1929-12-13
7305VZ1KW 32-44vdc. set in preservation 2015.1929-00-27
7383VZSupplied with pump1929-10-01
7597VZLater refurbished and resold.1929-11-04
7706VZNo. 80 Alpha-Petter set.1930-04-11
7756VZAuxiliary silencer and distance piece. In preservation 2017.1929-12-19
7780VZEngine only in preservation 2018 (Ebay). No. 101 Petter-light. 50vdc.1930-04-17
8241VZIn preservation 2018 (Ebay)1930-06-30
8657VZExtended shaft pulley side.1930-12-02
8838VZIn preservation 2014. 8838 & 8832 same.1932-06-13
8850AVZPreviously sold as a VZU Auto. (genset) To Temple Gardner Hostel on 08/01/1934 under o/no. 7271. A added as 8550 inadvertently duplicated. Interestingly F Dibble was a long serving Petter employee.1934-02-20
8887VZNo. 101 P.L.1930-11-28
9009VZIn preservation in Sweden 2018 (FB). Also 9008. Short circuiting cap on magneto1931-04-16
9021VZIn preservation 2015.1931-05-19
9171VZWith d/c compressor on base. William Kent built engines under licence branded 'Le Pratic'.1931-10-27
9233VZSome inconsistency with engine records.1931-10-02
9274VZWith baseplate for dynamo, air filter. 5 the same in batch: 9273, 9276, 9272, 9275, (and 9274 in preservation in UK)1931-06-12
9376VZIn preservation 2018 (FB).1931-11-02
9440VZSpecial ball and roller bearings. In preservation 20161932-01-08
9653VZBest & Lloyd lubricator.1932-05-31
9810VZIn preservation 20181933-01-16
9991VZ200 d/c set in preservation 2016.1933-09-07
10214VZPlant 101a. Set in preservation 2017.1933-12-28
10225VZDynamo & Board in preservation 2018. 101 P-L set.1933-12-06
10406VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1934-09-03
10419VZIn preservation 2017. Merryweather pumping set, No.3 Thomas pump. 1934-04-18
10443VZBall and Roller. In preservation 2016.1934-05-15
11021VZOverhauled. 1935-07-26
11127VZBuilt as tank cooled.1935-06-14
11219VZIn preservation 2018 (FB). Extended crank on pulley side. See 11213. 1935-07-19
11226VZBatch of 12 engines. 11123, 11149, 11225, 11242, 11226, 11256, 11286, 11290, 11291(in preservation), 11288, 11289, 11287. Nameplate and Extended crank on pulley side.1935-08-29
11248VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1935-08-12
11375VZ& Pump1935-10-14
11412VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Extended crank pulley end1935-11-12
11506VZIn preservation 2017. Detailed records missing and appear to have been misfiled during filming.1936-02-15
11778VZSet in preservation 2018. (FB)1936-08-31
11790VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1936-05-22
11910VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1936-07-01
12032VZIn Preservation 2018. With pump.1936-09-29
12036VZ101 P-L.1936-09-22
12193VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1937-01-12
12233VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1936-12-16
12266VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1937-03-15
12278VZNo detailed records for order no 8417.1937-04-02
12529VZIn preservation 2014.1937-07-02
12991VZDirect-coupled Reverse rotation. No detailed records for o/no 8512.1938-03-01
13020VZDirect coupled and reverse rotation. No detailed records for order no. 8512.1938-05-17
13022VZIn preservation 2018. Direct-coupled reverse rotation. Part of a very large batch for which the detailed records are missing. 1938-12-16
13088VZNew type hopper etc. See #127271937-12-31
13094VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1938-02-28
13186VZIn preservation 2017. One of a batch of 275 supplied under this order no. over 1937-8. No detailed records. Special Hopper etc. for Benford.1938-04-25
13204VZIn preservation 2018.1938-06-28
13307VZIn preservation 2018 in Canada. to Benford spec.1938-06-23
13341VZSee 127271938-08-18
13370VZo/s piston 07/12/1954. One of a batch of 25, see serial 12727. 13370 also extant.1938-08-18
13397VZIn preservation <2000.1938-07-28
13455VZIn preservation 2018. One of a large batch. See 13504 for detailed record.1938-10-21
13658VZScrapped donor parts helping others.1939-12-29
13667VZIn preservation 2017. No detailed records.1939-12-29

Type VZA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
3247VZAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-12-12
3248VZAOne of three ordered at the same time for Dumbrill.1925-12-12
4169VZAHandyman. Originally sold 04/11/1926 under order no. 28852 to J J Down. Then overhauled under o/no. GO70.1928-03-24
4246VZAIn preservation 2018. Handyman1926-12-16
4260VZAIn preservation 2017.Probably made into pumping set by L-H. Later returned and overhauled under General Order 019461 and resold on 17/08/1929 to Mr. A Purchase, Contrcator of 2 Hill Street, Brockley, Bilston Staffs.1926-11-26
4610VZAHandyman. One of a batch of ten.1927-09-07
4662VZAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-03-23
4978VZAIn preservation 2006 in Argentina. One of a batch including 5073 in preservation. Special nameplate.1927-11-23
4982VZANow fitted with non-original fabricated exhaust.1927-06-26
4998VZABelt driven Centrifugal Pumping set (Pulsometer) Engine in preservation 2016.1927-11-18
5048VZAtwo engines the same 5076 and 5048. 5048 in preservation 2017.1927-11-28
5073VZAIn preservation in Argentina in 2006. See 4978.1927-11-23
5074VZAHandyman. Three engines the same: 5046, 5074 and 5079 in preservation 2018.1927-07-09
5454VZAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Handyman. See 4610 for details.1928-01-02

Type VZAuto

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
7451VZAuto101 PL 110vdc. Rad-cooled and fitted with air filter. In preservation in Oz 2015.1930-02-25
8817VZAuto0.95KW 110vdc Auto lighting set. Radiator cooled. Single sold flywheel. direct coupled to dynamo on base.1931-03-09

Type VZU

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
5221VZUDetailed records misfiled or missing.1927-11-16
5348VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-12-05
5425VZUPetrol only. In preservation 2018.1927-12-14
5936VZUPetrol engine fitted with air filters. Special tray on the hopper. 20 engines the same1928-06-01
6396VZUPart of large order1928-11-06
6668VZUPetrol head. Twenty engines the same including 6668. Air Filter, Screwed plug in main bearings, special cover on hopper, brass tap in cylinder. All except 2 converted to BTH magnetos on 14/10/1947.1929-02-08
6783VZURefurbished with o/s piston on 18/07/1931 under GO13744. 1929-04-04
7095VZUIn preservation 20181929-07-04
7274VZUFitted with homebrew hopper extension. See 7276.1929-09-06
7351VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1929-10-02
7545VZUHopper cooled, in preservation 2018. Four the same 7546, 7544, 7547, 7545. Painted green. Petrol.1929-10-29
8012VZUhopper cooled and sectioned. In preservation 2016.1930-04-29
8056VZUHopper head.1930-04-14
8227VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-06-13
8241VZUPetrol. In preservation 2018 (Ebay).1930-06-30
8406VZUHopper. In preservation 2016.1930-09-29
8414VZUHopper. In preservation 2015.1931-06-11
8712VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Marked as "Special" in Day Book1931-01-12
8756VZUHopper cooled. 1930-12-23
8850AVZUSingle disc (solid) flywheel. Hopper.1934-02-20
8880VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-11-21
8993VZUDetailed records missing or misfiled.1931-04-23
9062VZUHopper cooled1929-06-08
9137VZUIn preservation 2018. One of a large batch to Fowlers. See 9140 for details. 1931-07-10
9537VZUNew hopper type. In preservation at Internal Fire Museum of Power1932-09-15
9568VZUNew type Hopper. Fowler spec. Six engines the same.1932-04-19
9653VZUTwenty engines the same. Fowler spec. Hopper cooled. Best & Lloyd lubricator.0000-00-00
9687VZUWinget spec(P116). Six same; 9690,9687, 10265, 10302, 10303, 10304. In preservation 2014.1934-01-03
9861VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1932-12-11
9992VZUAppletop. One of a batch of 12, See 9975.1933-03-21
10094VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1933-07-25
10225VZUDynamo & Board in preservation 2018. 101 P-L set.1933-11-29
10278VZU1000rpm engine1934-03-03
10345VZUHopper shape not specified. In preservation 2018. To full Fowler spec. Six engines the same: 10345, 10346, 10347, 10348, 10350 and (10349 in preservation 2018). 1934-02-19
10349VZUIn preservation 2018. One of a batch of 6. See 10345 for full details.1934-02-19
10369VZUBatch of six engines: 10369, 10371, 10373, 10372 (preserved), 10370, 10368.1934-04-18
10511VZUBuilt to Fowler spec.1934-06-02
10535VZUIn preservation 2018.1934-08-28
10572VZUWith pump fast & loose pulleys and striking gear.1934-07-28
10660VZUIn preservation 2018 (FB)1936-03-28
10672VZUHopper cooled. In preservation 2015.1934-10-30
10699VZUHopper cooled. Twelve engines same 10702, 10705, 10706 (in preservation 2018), 10707, 10708, 10709, 10710, 10702, 10700, 10704, 10699, 10701.1934-10-05
10706VZUFowler spec. One of a batch of twelve See #10699.1934-10-10
10892VZUIn preservation 1995. Extended crank pulley side.1935-02-08
10919VZUWith: horizontal pump, belt, striking gear, foot valve, and strainer. 1935-03-06
10921VZUExtended crank, pulley side.1935-02-19
11021VZUPreviously shown by Petters at the Highland show under SO3043 on 04/06/1935.1935-08-22
11136VZUHopper cooled Engine numbers 11068, 11065, 11094, 11093, 11136 and 116661935-05-04
11157VZUSet in preservation 2010.1935-07-26
11213VZU11219 In preservation 2018. Extended crank on pulley side. Twelve engines the same; 11214, 11217, 11216, 11218, 11220, 11221, 11223, 11219, 11224, 11213, 11215, 11222. 1.5-2bhp.1935-07-12
11254VZUHopper. O/s piston supplied 05/06/1943.1935-07-19
11375VZUHopper. With horizontal double acting pumping plant1935-10-14
11524VZUExtended crank on pulley side. Twelve engine same. Others in batch: 11519, 11523, 11520,11522, 11529, 11530, 11528, 11526, 11525, 14527.1935-12-31
11607VZUExtended crankshaft.1936-04-03
11645VZUAppletop hopper. In preservation 12/20131936-01-20
11650VZUIn preservation 2016. 0.010 shim under ? ? head maybe1936-01-18
11735VZUExtended crank1936-05-21
12032VZUHopper. In preservation 2018.1936-09-29
12198VZUextended crank. Batch comprising 12209, 12206, 12200, 12208 (in preservation, 12199, 12207, 12201, 12205, 12203, 12202, 12198. 1936-11-27
12224VZUHopper cooled. Converted to 2 bhp 24.03.19381936-11-16
12363VZUIn preservation 2014. Three same1934-01-22
12613VZU1932 model. Hopper. With; baseplate, pump, belt, fast and loose pulleys. Engine in preservation 2016.1937-07-05
12694VZUExtended crank pulley side1937-08-27
12727VZUIn preservation 2013. The whole batch of 275 engines supplied to Benfords over more than a year. 13186 also in preservation. Date given is only approximate1917-05-01
12848VZUHopper. In preservation 2013.1937-12-00
13271VZUPreviously sold on 30/06/1938 to Petters Cardiff (o/no SO4328) and then on 18/03/1938 to Benfords of Warwick under o/no 8548. 1938-10-20
13307VZUHopper cooled. In preservation in Canada in 2018. Fitted with crankshaft pulley drg. #47678 (extant). Spare ????? ring.1938-06-23
13349VZUHopper cooled. No test sheet. In preservation 19841938-09-01
13397VZUHopper cooled. No test sheet. In preservation <2000. 1938-07-28
13534VZU1.5-2 bhp. No detailed records for this engine. Order filled by Loughborough after formation of ABOE. 1939-11-16