Lister FR engine series...anybody overhauled one ???

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by pp-admin, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. pp-admin

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    arguably Listers most advanced and intimidating engine, the FR series has scared off many potential kindly restorers including me!!

    for inspiration, has anyone got an FR series engine and have you ever attempted a partial or full restoration ??? some pictures would help shame the rest of us into action !!!

    also, Listers introduced some special workshop tools for these engines, does anyone have some of them...especially the injector copper sleeve in cylinder head fitting tool that correctly swages out the copper tube inside the cyl head water gallery so it does not leak !!!..

    come on, there must be some FR lovers out there some where ??

  2. ButchC

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    Hello Gerry,
    Personally I have no experience with the FR series but I have heard stories,,,,, They require you to be in the best of moods prior to picking up the wrenches :)

    If you cannot obtain the factory tool for the injector sleeve you might look into the tooling used by boiler makers. When I rebuilt my Z2 and Z4 Bamfords engines I had to replace both injector sleeves due to corrosion. Lucikly te sleeves were easily made from common 1" copper tube! I then sourced the proper sized boiler tube swage from Ebay and modified it to my need.

  3. ploughman

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    Many years ago my father obtained an FR2. The previous owner let it go as it had siezed through standing. Stripping it revealed that the siezure was in the water pump,one bearing and the carbon seal were u/s. We could not obtain a new seal so the bearing was replaced with a rubber shielded version, and the seal omitted. This engine had an eletric start, but the generator was missing this was easily replaced, and once reasembled the engine did sterling service on our sawbench for some years.My memory of it is poor now, but I can think of no unusual features showing up when I worked on it. It was ,I believe sold on when a sale was held on the death of my father, this being held in the village of Pont Sion(shean) nr Newcastle Emylin.
  4. george

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    whats wrong with u guys yes ihave 2 one runs 15 kva gen which i overhalled my apprentices made the new liners out of solid castiron to learn machining
  5. spencer1885

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    I have owned a few fr's and at the moment I have two fr1 engines.
    One is a generator which I made by building a base and fitting an ex pto alternator.
    It's since run for 1700 hours and has worked out nicely.

    As far as working on the engine it's not been a problem, you just need to be in the right frame of mind.
    I made a fly wheel puller and removed the compression plug by using a grease gun to pump it out.
    As for the copper injector sleeve, you would be unlucky for it to leak.
    I did have one leak but that was because I was running a pressurized cooling system and it must have been weak, so I just swapped the head and have not had any problems even though I'm using a pressurized cooling system again.
    I wound like to made it electric start so that it can be started automatically with a start, stop function on a power inverter when the battery bank needs topping up.

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