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    Can anyone help with identifying this Onan generator. Looking to find a manual. It was bought by a friend from a local auction sale. It was described as " seen to run and make power " They lied !!

    It is a twin cylinder vertical petrol engine with electric starter motor, unfortunately turns out to be 24V. -- more expense
    I wonder if it was produced for radio equipment as the plug leads are shielded.

    I have looked at the I.F manuals but can't see anything that looks like it.
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    Sorry the pics have not attached
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    I'm very out of practice loading pics

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    Its an American produced Generator, a modern version of a 1940's version I had for a while, mine was 240vac and 12vdc, it was a nice unit until you started it when it would suck petrol as if there was no tomorrow, I never found a manual for it.

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    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your reply. Have not really got into it yet , stopped to make a starting handle to be able to turn it slowly. Do you remember if it has coil ignition or a mag' . Will it run without batteries?

    Hope you are well and enjoying retirement and not working too hard.

    Best wishes
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    Mine had a magneto the generator also had a dyno start which helped immencely, try military vehicle owners, ive seen them in the back of mobile radio trucks.

    Retirement is going well though I found myself a part time delivery job for a local chemist so that I could have a rest occasionally, it took my wife six months to realise that I was at home full time after twenty years of never seeing me mondays to fridays.

    Martin P
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    Hi Martin ,

    I did find some picture of it a while ago now, but I can't remember where but have not found any info on it.
    The saga was : Mechanical fuel pump stuck with the pump lever on the highest part of the cam and not returning. This freed up easily when the pump was removed and then lifted fuel fine from a gerry can. The next issue was the engine would start fine ( the 24V starter is very energetic ) it would then run fine for about 20 sec' before apparently choking itself to death.

    On stripping the carb I can only deduce someone had been there before me. The gasket on the fuel bowl was mullered and gunged up with some sort of gasket glue. The root cause of the problem was the float chamber fuel valve. The needle valve consists of a brass hollow bush with a small hole at one end and a tri-lobal piece of stainless with a conical point to shut the hole. I have recently found similar setup on Zenith carbs on old case tractors. In the case of the one on the Case tractor this needle had a circular upstand which the tab from the float pivot pushed up to cut the flow of fuel.

    The one on the Onan did not have this upstand and was hollow. It was shorter such that when the float was up the tab could not fully close the valve as the end of it was below the surface of the brass bush and when the mechanical fuel pump picked up it was flooding the carb. I'm sure this was the wrong needle but as it was hollow I was able to extend it with a piece of a 6B.A nylon bolt ,push fit into the hollow end and about 3/32 in long .

    She now runs fine and produces 240V 50Hz and recharges the 24V battery. We made tea by boiling the kettle and running a fan heater from it, showing 19 Amperes on the meter .
    The fuel consumption has yet to be seen.

    p.s will go now to ask some questions on air starting compressors.

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