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    I know we live in a high tech world but there is the odd occasion when something happens that really makes you think.
    This afternoon I was working on my laptop and had to speak to our Administrator at the office so I rang here on my mobile and requested a photograph of a part and told here where to find it on the company server.
    She attached it to an email and said its sent, she had hardly finished the sentence and it appeared on my computer.
    The speed astounded me especially if you consider its route ending at my router and the wireless connection to my laptop.
    Another thought I have had that makes you think is that I spent a long weekend at IF taking loads of pictures, and working hard also :D , on Monday night I loaded them onto my computer size reduced them and uploaded them onto Picaso on the Web, sent some to Paul for his article and I then informed all of the various Forums of thier existance.
    Had that been a film camera it would have been to much like hard work to get the film processed, copies of prints made and posted off to various parties, at least a week if not longer.
    The mind boggles at it an worryingly we totally rely on the technology, god help us if it ever went belly up.

    Martin P
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    Im more surprised that you have a sysadmin working on a Sunday!!

    With emails there's always something that will cause a bottleneck, usually the outbound speed. I suspect that because your corporate broadband isn't being hammered due it being the weekend then the outbound email with leave PDQ.

    Regarding the wireless, its likely to be 54Mbs. Chances are that your home internet is around 6.5Mb, so the wireless is considerably faster than your internet.

    Digital cameras are a godsend and a curse. While they are convenient, you tend to miss the physical picture in your hand. Sure you can print them and upload to the web or have a digital photo frame that only ever comes on when there's family around, but its not quite the same.

    Sadly the curse is where people don't make backups and their only pictures of their babies / kids life are lost for ever when (not if) their hard drive fails. Far too many times I have been at a young family's home and told them that their pictures are lost for good.

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    Have a look at my email, it was sent on Thursday :D

    Martin P
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